Make the move to a green hybrid workplace

Canopact is the hybrid working platform for purpose-driven organisations. Work and travel in ways that are more environmentally sustainable.

In 2019, transport was the largest emitting sector, responsible for 27% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.

UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, 2021

Create a collaborative and green hybrid workplace

Canopact recommends meeting locations that minimise total emissions, time and costs from national and international travel across attendees.

Meet at the greenest spot

Save time, cost and carbon by meeting in locations that are more convenient for all attendees.

Be a green explorer

Discover new and sustainable meeting venues such as restaurants or caf├ęs whilst helping the planet.

Impactful invites

Integrate with your favourite calendar app and show attendees the carbon impact of your meeting directly on the invite.

Enable employee-driven sustainability

Empower each employee to drive your organisation's sustainability goals.

Instant carbon footprint visibility

Canopact automatically calculates emissions whenever you agree a meeting location, book an office desk or expense business travel.

Actionable steps to reduce emissions

Easy-to-understand recommendations to reduce emissions further, such as car-pooling.

Continuous climate action from emissions data

Connect employees with a range of offset partners to support sustainable causes that are meaningful to them.

Insights that save the planet and costs

Become a data driven workspace with powerful insights on utilisation, mobility and emissions.

Save costs and energy

Forecast office and desk demand to save energy costs and usage.

Accurately understand your carbon footprint

Rather than averages and assumptions, track emissions on an ongoing basis and export data for carbon accounting purposes with confidence.

Build your hybrid strategy

Understand employee mobility trends to inform initiatives such as cycle-to-work schemes and flexible working policies.

Put sustainability at the core of your hybrid working strategy