Communicate with purpose.

Canopact is the internal communications platform built for purpose-driven organisations.

Inspire the workforce

Canopact makes it easy to source relevant content for your internal communications, create beautiful graphics and share them across your organisation's channels.

Dynamic content library

Keep your employees ahead of the curve with access to a rich library of content on important topics such as ESG, Diversity & Inclusion and Wellbeing.

Bring communications to life

Use 10,000+ templates to easily turn your communications into beautiful, interactive and engaging graphics ready to be shared across multiple channels.

Powered by community

See the most popular and engaging content being shared by organisations to their employees across industries.

Scheduling made easy

Bring together central communications, subject matter experts and employee-led teams to easily manage communications in one place.

No more content fatigue

Plan and schedule when communications are sent out to prevent information overload and optimise engagement.

Reach the entire workforce

Automatically share communications through email and collaboration tools such as Slack.

Coherent approval workflows

Give employee-led teams the autonomy to design and create communications they are passionate about, whilst managing and approving them in one place.

Analytics that drive change

Learn how employees interact with communications to make them more engaging and relevant.

Useful engagement metrics

Easily understand the communications that are generating the most engagement.

Content recommendations

Drive repeated engagement by seeing which content is most relevant to different employee groups.

Understand your audience

Understand the best time to schedule communications for different employee groups across geographies.

Put purpose at the heart of your internal communications